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8pm, Friday
Tantric Turtle

8pm, Saturday
Tantric Turtle


Hiya I'm Anca! I'm a Sydney based muso sharing my real feelings about real topics - not always the glamorous, so it is a whirlwind of laughter, crying, and everything in between. Join me for storytime and let's navigate this crazy reality together!

After finishing my uni degree I rediscovered my passion for music - something that I lost along the way. Music for me has always been a way of coping with overwhelming feelings - I can just write a song about it and it's like a pensieve [Harry Potter reference ftw] for depositing the feeling. Everything I write comes from REAL feelings and REAL events in my life, which is something I feel passionately about. These days there is such a focus on what is important (such as happiness) and what we SHOULD feel, so all of the quirky and less glamorous bits in between often slip through the cracks.

My mission through music is to share everything in between love and loss, no matter how cringy, because there are so many more feelings than just happiness, love and sorrow that are just as valid and if we continue to pretend they don't exist then ultimately the inner conflict of what we ARE and what we SHOULD BE takes a toll on us (wow, got a bit deep there, soz guys!) What you see with me is very much what you get. Join me on my rollercoaster of wild and whacky adventures and make sure to keep yours just as real!

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