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7pm, Saturday
Tantric Turtle


Mon-Ami is a 24 year old pop singer/songwriter and keyboardist from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. She released her debut single 'Electrifying' in January 2012, which made the Semi Finalist List in both Unsigned Only 2015, 2016 and International Songwriting Competition 2016. She's had training since the age of 8 for piano and voice and graduated from Macquarie University in April 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Contemporary Music.

She began performing at the age of 10, to audiences ranging between 50 – 1000 people all over Sydney and the Central Coast, at RSLs, restaurants, clubs, markets, festivals, fundraisers, bars and function centres. Mon-Ami started songwriting when she was 14. After being accepted into a 12 week songwriting course with X-Factor and Australian Idol vocal coach, Erana Clark, she released an EP 'Not Guilty' in 2008 and continued to compose music and lyrics in her own time, coming back in 2011 to record her 10 track album ‘Headache’.

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Electrifying is a veritable pop masterpiece" - Jamsphere

". . . the lyrics to “Electrifying” are crisp, witty and genuine. The music bright and foot-tapping memorable . . ." - Jamsphere

"Electrifying gets people moving. Its hook is primed for longevity and set to pop up as you walk down the street, shop for groceries, listen to other songs, and watch television. Its catchiness is immediate and inescapable." - Levity Ball